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What type of information/content do you want on your web site?
What type of services do you want to explain on the site?
How many pages do you want?
How soon do you want a site in place?
Would you like a bio/about us page?
Would you like to list your products on the site? If yes, how many?
Would you like to drop ship your product, how do you handle shipping charges now?
Do you want to be able to update the information on the pages or do you want us to maintain it?
Do you want a members only section?
What is your favorite website and why?
Who are some of your competitors?
Do you want links to other sites?
Do you have copies of:
Letter heads
If you need email account(s) setup, how many email account(s) would you like?
If you currently have a web site, what company are you hosting with?
How do you plan on Marketing your website?
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