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Security - Firewall

 Who's using your computer?
 What are they using your computer for?

A majority of users are connected to the Internet all of the time leaving themselves exposed to security vulnerabilities. The most effective and cost effective defense is the procurement of a firewall.

A firewall is a technological approach to security. It assists the implementation of an appropriate IT security policy that defines the services and access to be permitted or denied to network users, contingent upon the business particular needs. The main purpose of a firewall system is to control access to or from a protected network (i.e., a site), thereby preventing unauthorized persons from utilizing your company resources inappropriately.

These essential firewall components are designed to protect internally networked computers from either accidental or intentional hostile intrusion that could compromise the integrity of, or result in data corruption or denial of service. In this manner, the firewall limits your networked computers exposure to potentially malicious activities.

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