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 St. Louis Computer Repair Arnold MO - Spyware / Adware
Is your computer running dreadfully slow? Spyware could be taking control of your computer exposing your personal information for malicious intent. Are you receiving annoying pop up ads on your computer when your online? PCTech can remove malware online, onsite or you can bring it to the office. We will also teach you how to prevent future exposure to these attacks and nuisances.

Viruses attributed to billions of dollars in damaged PC's a year. Don't become a statistic. Here at PCTech we will help you prevent these computer problems. Don't worry, if you have already been infected we can still help by removing the virus or viruses. We will ensure that your computer is returned to you in an improved state and as quickly as possible.

 Repairing Your Computer
Repairing Computers is what we do. Not sure what's running on your computer. PCTech will analyze and determine which programs should and should not be running on your computer. Taking these steps will dramatically increase your speeds without having to upgrade to a new computer (a major cost savings to you).

 Computer Backups & Data Recovery
As it often occurs within a few short years, your hardware, particularly the hard disk drive that contains all the computer's information, will eventually fail or crash. One of the best options to prepare for such an emergency is having a regularly scheduled automated backup. Without a backup solution, a significant risk exists for catastrophic data loss, data corruption, and prolonged down time. And now days who can live with the risk of losing your personal or business information? Need help with a data recovery, give us a call.

Offsite Backup Details

More information on our offsite backup solution.

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